Case Study:

Commercial Property Law

Williams & Co is a large regional company supplying plumbing products to the trade. The company has expanded rapidly, and solicitor Richard Barnett has worked with them for a number of years on property matters.

The client came to Richard with a problem: a large consignment of radiators was on its way, but there was nowhere to store it. Happily, a building on the same industrial estate as one of Williams’ branches was vacant. The landlord's agent sent the relevant documents to Richard, who examined and amended them, then sent them on to the landlord's solicitors. The whole deal, for a 12-month lease with a rolling one-month notice period, was tied up in 24 hours - and the radiators had somewhere to go.

"This was a fairly standard lease agreement, but even so these things usually take weeks. Because we knew the agents and solicitors involved and had worked with them many times before, it made everything much quicker," says Richard. "It shows the value of local connections, and the benefits to clients of a long-term partnership with us."