Case Study:


You might think a car dealer handling the world's most desirable and exotic marques would be above dodgy business practices. At least, that's what our client assumed when he asked a Ferrari dealership in Uxbridge to sell his Lamborghini for him.

The company sold the car easily enough: unfortunately, it then showed a marked reluctance to give our client his money, so solicitor Gabor Kovacs took up the case. After repeated demands, some inventive stalling by the company's self-styled 'legal advisor' and a couple of small payments, there was still around £30,000 owing, so Gabor issued a Statutory Demand, giving the dealership 21 days to pay. When this failed to loosen the purse-strings, he issued a Winding-Up Order in the Companies Court in London, and the company was put into liquidation.

"It turned out that there were 20 or 30 other customers who'd been similarly deceived by this company, which was essentially trading on other people's money," says Gabor. "Our client eventually obtained around one-third of the money he was owed – but that's still much better than nothing, which is what he would have received otherwise!"