Case Study:

Corporate Taxation

A local company needs advise on recruiting a new senior executive. Naturally enough, it wants to take on the best available talent, but isn't sure it can afford to pay a premium salary.

Our corporate tax consultant Nitzan Cohen suggests an enterprise management incentive (EMI) scheme as part of the package. By offering share options that could be exercised if the company were sold or, otherwise, by reference to other events, this could directly link performance and potential reward - but at no additional cost to the company.

"Many smaller companies don’t consider EMIs because they assume they're too complicated, or something only large corporations offer," says Nitzan. "In fact they're specifically designed for businesses with turnover under £30 million. The great benefit is that we can tailor an EMI to suit your exact circumstances: done correctly, it helps recruit and retain the best people, without any extra cost or having to pay over the odds. It's something we really believe many more companies should consider."